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We provide management consulting services exclusively to the payment card and lending industries and specialize in the areas of operations and risk management.

Over the past 25 years we have assisted over 30 Acquirers in assessing risk management strategies and enhancing overall program profitability.

Here are examples of recent merchant acquiring client engagements:

Risk Management Assessment
Detailed review of risk management policies, practices and controls related to the acquisition, set-up, periodic credit review, transaction monitoring, suspect activity response and merchant termination functions to reduce credit and fraud risk exposure.
Acquisition Strategy and Risk Review
Comprehensive evaluation of the merchant acquisition process to reduce credit and fraud risk exposure with special emphasis on risk management oversight strategies and due diligence surrounding Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and third party contractor sales channels.
Underwriting Strategy
Assessment of underwriting policies and merchant application processing work flows covering fraud screening techniques, data verification and credit investigation and risk mitigation steps to reduce credit and fraud risk exposure and improve the efficiency of the process.
Pricing Models
Highly focused effort to design, develop and implement personal computer-based merchant discount pricing models to improve the competitiveness of pricing for different sizes and types of merchants. Our approach utilized cost information from a separate database that could be updated as expense levels changed.
Pricing Decision Support
Detailed product cost study that considers sales channel factors, fixed and variable costs, and incremental expenses to provide a strong decision support foundation for merchant discount pricing model.

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